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Back then though it wasn't just teens buying singles, you had the parents & grand parents since it was Cher, also it was the first song to use full auto tune & to feature no instruments, it was gound breaking at the time

Also why Madonna gets low sales now is not that it's down to shims but the fact that people are just sick of her, she was the biggest star in the music scene in the 80s following MJ then throughout the 90s & 00s making over hyped comebacks, 98, 00, 02, 05, 08, 10 and bloody 12 which flopped here

People are just sick of her coming back tbh ffs, Cher is really just too dated, Womans World could of been a hit here if she performed that as opposed to that other song which was too dated for Radio play on R1, Capital and hell even Heart

Kylie however I can still see her being appealing to the teens as she is a MILF and is capable of releasing something modern and it doing well, her on a typical Calvin Harris track would do well & Jay Z is writting her new album who I believe makes Rihanna's albums?

Kylie isn't fully dated yet she is still marketable if you get the right sound just like Britney who scored a no1 in early 2012 with and a recent top 10 hit here with Work Bitch, which would of git a top 3 spot if was promoted here (she didn't perform the song here which impacted he chart placement, if on X a Factor it would of got to no1 prob.)
I totally agree, theirs something still very marketable about Kylie. Theirs something about her that can still appeal to mums. My mums in her 50s and still likes kylie records and thinks she's stylish. That's the thing with kylie she can appeal to all ages and voice was probs a good career move as the mums sitting at home on a Saturday will tune to just to see how Kylies doing or see what dress she has on etc. That's the thing with kylie she's very likeable. Very at home being all sexy in hotpants appealing to young ppl on an MTV video and also can adapt and very at home as a guest on the one show or something or a new Saturday night star on BBC appealing to mums and dads.
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