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I don't shop in my local HMV (Liverpool). I have not been in there for a while now so wasn't aware that their prices were getting better so I suppose that's something in their favour (though it's obviously not through their own choice and, frankly, it's too little too late), as I was under the impression online was still cheaper. That is something to bear in mind in future.

However I don't know what it's like in other HMV stores, but the staff in the Liverpool store are so rude! If you ask a question you're lucky to get a civil response at all, they all seem to be in competition to see who can be the most sarcastic or rude to a customer. I feel like they're looking down on me when I do have the misfortune to go in there. Frankly the best way to describe their staff is they are so up themselves I'm surprised they manage to find their way into work every day.

Of course there are odd exceptions to this. I was served by a pleasant young man the last time I was in there who was very helpful with helping me find a dvd I wanted for a birthday present. If I recall correctly he suggested some websites which might stock it as HMV did not, and I left the store wondering how such a polite and helpful young man was surviving in that environment. I also hasten to add that I have not been to other HMV stores to the best of my knowledge so know nothing of their staff, but the Liverpool staff frankly need a lot of training in customer service.

This is mostly off topic I guess, I just felt the need to rant. And perhaps raise the topic of their apparent lack of staff training which may be one of the reasons they were losing money? I would much rather just order online than deal with the rudeness of their staff even if their prices are now cheaper...
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