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Either way I imagine this video will certainly get the attention of Simon and the label now, I hope it doesn't ruin her chances and they actually let her release something.
I got the impression from that video that she's no longer signed to Syco. I think they signed her straight after XF, kept her waiting for months and months. I got the impression they just ignored her calls etc. Considering she was recording under the supervision of someone connected with XF, Syco must have given the go ahead for her to record the EP that she mentioned. In fact, there's no way on earth that Simon and Syco would have allowed her to record an EP independently from them if she was signed to them. So basically, they signed her, got her to record an EP and then left her for months and didn't give her any feedback or let her know what the plan was. I don't think this video will do her any harm anyway. Obviously Syco, LA Reid etc won't sign her again, but they obviously weren't bothered about her anyway. She had an amazing voice...I wonder if they maybe signed her and just kept her on their books in order for the winner of the show and Fith Harmony etc to get a head start without other acts from the show stelaing their thunder.
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