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I had to look her up, and it appears that she finished fifth in the 2012 competition. She'd have been way down the pecking order, assuming the four acts that finished ahead of her were signed as well.

If they haven't released anything by her yet, then the chances are that they won't. They have the 2013 contestants now, and they're far more recent in the public's mind.

The life span of an X Factor contestant is very ephemeral - the vast, vast majority do nothing beyond auditioning and very few acts except the winners (and sometimes not even them) go on to carve out a successful career.

The best thing she can do if it hasn't already happened is to ask the label to release her. If she's serious about making a career in music, then there's absolutely nothing to stop her from giving it a go. She will have a bit of recognition factor, although it may not be an entirely positive thing. Regardless, I'd say her time on SYCO is done.
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