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And I stand by that point.

Have a look on iTunes. A new album is usually 8.99 or 9.99. That's the same price HMV sell new albums for.

The whole point downloads were introduced were to try and increase sales of music. If you can buy a physical copy of an album for the same price then what's the point?

To add to this discussion, Amazon have now removed Free Delivery from their CDs, DVDs and Games. You now need to spend over 10 to qualify for Free Delivery. Surely the delivery charge incurred will just push the price of Amazon over the price of HMV if something is less expensive on the site?
Good grief, I had no idea about this new policy introduced today apparently. Once Sainsbury's Entertainment Online which I find very competitive stop selling physical media after 28th February there will be very little competition around. HDWOW still seem reasonable at the moment and with free delivety.
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