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i presume you mean their second album, which was their second independant release, as their first album froggystyle which was an independant release hasn't been reissued on a major label. if an album is released on an indie label it's an indie album, even if it's subsequently reissued or distributed by a major label. it's the original release that counts. pretty simple in black and white really. it's just like singles that have the original release on an indie label and get picked up for distribution on a major label, such as commonly happened with dance music. dj's buy the import 12" and it gets popular in clubs and labels like sony would license it for release in the uk
No froggystyle was a 10 track demo tape that was sold at gigs and never officially released. Most of the tracks were remastered and used on their first two albums or as b sides, and then some released on the special tenth anniversary edition of their first album.
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