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Actually indie music has every sort of genre, including indie rock, indie pop and even indie dance are definable genres of music through their association with indie labels. Some of those genres also exist on major labels or indie labels owned by majors.

What was a possibly an interesting thread about the indie ethos and the music that emerges from that has been spoilt by a semantic argument…
but you were one of the first to argue that oasis weren't indie as creation were partly sold to sony, and in your post quoted above you are arguing semantics about indie music being every sort of genre as opposed to having no genre, when it's pretty clear you share the same view as me in that "indie music" is not a genre of music, it's a term that encompasses a wide variety of different styles of music.

you also said before that it was interesting to hear peoples views, but if an OP asks specifically one question and people give replies that don't answer that question, surely that's beyond the point? if the OP simply wanted to know what peoples favourite albums were they would have asked that, not asked for someones favorite indie album for people to list huge selling bands on major labels like blur and radiohead. you yourself were one of the first to argue semantics about a band who were on an indie label because part of the shares were owned by a major, and have continued to argue about it. i've merely tried to steer the thread back on topic so the best indie albums can be listed, as i'm interested in seeing the replies, but not interested in seeing a list of major label big selling popular albums included in that list
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