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I'd find your comments credible if you just came out with what you really want to say and were more honest rather than hiding behind smiley faces. Trouble making in disguise.
if i actually wrote what i honestly thought, my posts would no doubt suffer the same fate as other the posts recently written about you and frankly, its not worth copping a ban over.

now you have had two posts to make your opinion crystal clear and i think we now know exactly where we stand with each other. i feel i have been very reasonable under the circumstances, but if you make another personal comment about my posting style, i will be taking this issue up with the mods. put me on ignore if any aspect of my presence here irritates you, i put a block on private messages for the very same reason. i wont be changing my posting style, so the choice is yours.

even the op seems completely fed up with the way this thread has deteriorated, its time to move on.
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