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if i actually wrote what i honestly thought, my posts would no doubt suffer the same fate as other the posts recently written about you and frankly, its not worth copping a ban over.

now you have had two posts to make your opinion crystal clear and i think we now know exactly where we stand with each other. i feel i have been very reasonable under the circumstances, but if you make another personal comment about my posting style, i will be taking this issue up with the mods. put me on ignore if any aspect of my presence here irritates you, i put a block on private messages for the very same reason. i wont be changing my posting style, so the choice is yours.

even the op seems completely fed up with the way this thread has deteriorated, its time to move on.
I agree. I've happened to discuss this with the mods too, and they have said the same. Not for one second have I been unreasonable so likewise the ignore option is available for you too, and likewise I have the options to mention this this with the moderators too. I don't want this to get petty.

Lets move forward.

I have so much to look forward to as a Kylie fan. New music, a whole new album, new videos, images, visual images, most importantly a whole new world tour and all the exciting things behind the scenes in-between. So much for ME to enjoy.

Not forgetting The Voice a whole new perspective on Kylie.

In regards to the actual topic title itself and my general outlook let me re-post the nature of this topic...bring it all back to perspective for the many Kylie fans.
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