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I agree. I've happened to discuss this with the mods too, and they have said the same. Not for one second have I been unreasonable so likewise the ignore option is available for you too, and likewise I have the options to mention this this with the moderators too. I don't want this to get petty.

Lets move forward.
it doesn't surprise me to learn that you have been to the mods and indeed, you always have that option open to you as well as me too. i am also glad that my advice to you was in line with the response you received.

like i said, we both know where we stand now, people can read both our posts here and can make their own minds up, like people have done already. so yes, lets move forward.

the song you asked about was a feature she did with visionmasters, her vocals were sampled from "i guess i like it like that" from the "lets get to it" album.
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