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I think you are a little too harsh on her - she is only 14 years old, what does she know? I understand your point of view and I agree with it in a way, but I wouldn't call her an idiot or a nobody who wants wonders. It is understandable she is naive in thinking things will come her way since she is so young, but then again - she was signed AND she recorded an EP so it is natural to expect she will release the music.

It is certainly not anything surprising though as Syco does that all the time - they push the acts they like VERY hard and they ignore everyone else - 1D is their golden goose now, who cares about others. Simon is an ass, everyone knows that.

i agree with you...that should be an initial reaction from a 14 year old who was signed and recorded an ep

and also with SYCO doing such thing, it is so proven, when they lost interest to one artist, they treat them as if they are nothing and focus on their CURRENT FAVORITE..
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