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But PUSA are a rock band, have always called themselves a rock band and have never said they were indie.
what difference does that make? the style of music made makes no difference at all. as has been explained by myself and others, "indie" isn't a style of music. an "indie album" is an album that is released independantly. an album in terms of music is a collection of songs, which froggystyle is. as it was the first collection of songs the band released, and was made available for sale directly to the general public by the band, it was an official release as opposed to a demo not made available to the general public such as tapes and CDr's a band shops round record labels and managers to try and get a deal or a gig, in which case you could reasonably say the demo was unreleased.
a number of websites also show froggystyle as the first album, including wikipedia and POTUS fansites
However, I will message Chris Bellew on facebook and see whether he considers froggystyle as their first album. I am happy to go with whatever he says.
regardless of what he says, it was their first album. his personal view and opinion doesn't change anything. but it would be interesting if you post back a link to his reply
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