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It's not just Liverpool so. There are two stores I visited regularly in the past here in Dublin and they're both atrocious at providing any form of customer service. I was in one of the city centre stores last year looking to by a pair of Beats by Dre Headphones. They're definitely not cheap and I ideally wanted a black pair although they only had red on display. I asked a staff member if they had any black and he he cuttingly said no and continued walking by. I walked over to another girl and she gave me the same response. I then followed the first guy to the counter and asked him if the other city centre store had any in stock and his exact response was "Well you'd better go walking to find out".

It was appalling. Then when all of the stores closed down here I thought to myself "Good, maybe they'll learn a bit of customer service in future in the midst of a recession at Christmas.

Since then that City Centre store has reopened and surprise surprise, the staff are just as rude as ever.

With that attitude they won't be around for long this time either.
Exactly, that is the same type of "customer service" I have received in the Liverpool store. On several occasions I have asked "where could I find such-and-such a dvd" and they have replied "over there" and walked away, or something similar. In comparison, in Asda if you ask where you can find something, in my experience the staff member you ask will take you to it themselves. The thing is there is absolutely no excuse for poor customer service, if they don't want to work there then don't and perhaps more relevantly, if the excuse is being busy and stressed then take a look around at other stores and restaurants. The staff are often just as stressed and busy if not more so, and they don't take it out on the customers!

I have no sympathy for the people working in these stores if they close and are put out of a job if they are so utterly rude and I find it shocking that their managers haven't put a stop to it yet! I would have sympathy for those few polite and helpful staff members, but they seem to be few and far between. Particularly in cases like yours where the customer is buying something expensive, I think that makes the rudeness all the worse. I would definitely have gone home to look online after being spoken to like that.

I would agree that Amazon changing their postage may change the game somewhat though. Personally I'd still be happier paying extra online to avoid the rudeness of the HMV staff, but presumably I would be in the minority there.
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