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Sorry to quote myself but it looks like I can't edit it. I just wanted to add a few things to my above post.

I highly doubt Madonna singles like Love Profusion, Hollywood, What It Feels Like for a Girl, Miles Away, Give It to Me, Celebration, Give Me All Your Luvin', Turn Up the Radio and Girl Gone Wild had very high sales in the UK. Madonna has had lower selling singles in between the bigger selling singles, this is true for every popular act out there, so why criticise Kylie for it?

In regard to this decade, All the Lovers, the first single Kylie released from Aphrodite in 2010, is her highest selling single in the UK for many years, it's also true that it would have hit #1 instead of #3 on the UK singles chart had the physical release been timed simultaneously with the digital download. Get Outta My Way, the second single from Aphrodite, peaked at #12, while Better Than Today was the wrong choice for the third single and peaked at #32. Other Kylie singles released this decade like Put Your Hands Up and Timebomb were poorly promoted (Timebomb was only performed live on The Voice) and received hardly any radio play which meant they didn't do very well (this is also a problem for Madonna nowadays, all her singles since Celebration have done terribly in the UK). Flower, the first single taken from Kylie's Abbey Road Sessions album, was actually ineligible to chart on the UK singles chart until the album was released due to a chart rule, it also received hardly any promotion or radio play. Higher, the Taio Cruz song that Kylie is a featured on, peaked at #8 and gave her another top 10 hit this decade. And of course Madonna has sold a lot more singles in the UK than Kylie, she's released a lot more.

The other point I want to make is that these chart records aren't going to be held forever. It's true that Kylie is currently the only female artist with a top 3 hit in four decades but she isn't going to hold that record forever as Madonna will no doubt score another hit in the future. It's the same in regards to Madonna holding the record for the most #1 singles in the UK for a female artist or the most singles sold in the UK for a female artist. Do people really think she's going to hold these records forever? Rihanna's surpassed Kylie's 10 million singles sales in the UK after nine years, do you really think she's not going to surpass Madonna's total one day? Do you think Rihanna or another female singer aren't going to surpass Madonna's tally of UK number one singles one day? Rihanna has already matched Madonna's tally of number one singles in the US, she's also charted 25 top 10 singles on the Billboard Chart, only 13 behind Madonna's current total. These records get made, they get matched and then they get broken.

Kylie and Madonna have had impressive careers that have continued to exceed expectations in regards to their longevity. Neither are amazing vocalists, yet they have fought their way to become two great entertainers on stage and off. Just look at the scope of their careers, they've done so much with music, fashion, reinvention, performances, etc. over the years. The last thing I want to point out is that both are smart, focused and natural fighters. Neither have had drug or alcohol problems, breakdowns or stints in rehab (that we know of) that so many others go through.
Great post. The best on this topic thus far. Fair points made, accurate and thoroughly enjoyable to read.
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