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You've pretty much killed a thread, which has the potential to be interesting, with a really boring discussion on what constitutes "indie" music.

Well done!
well that's your opinion, and your opinion only. i don't think it's boring, and if other people thought it boring too they wouldn't have participated in discussing it. if you find it boring you don't need to either read or participate in the thread, you can leave everyone else to read, post and participate if they want. just because you think one thing doesn't mean everyone else thinks the same

His reply is as follows

call Froggystyle a demo I think...the debut is our first ALBUM with a capitol A but if that had not happened then Froggystyle would have been our only album!

I think the answer is somewher between our opinions........although he doesn't seem too sure himself!

And as you seem to have some interest in the band I'm sure you will want to support the pledge music campaign for their new album (which meets all your criteria to be indie! )
well he agrees froggystyle is an album, and it it was the first they released, and it was released as they sold it, so you can see i most certainly wasn't wrong. i wasn't really a fan of the band tho, didn't dislike them, but that college rock kinda thing was a bit boring to me as there was so much of it in the 90s following on from grunge. i really loved the cover of videostar and lump was a good track. i guess most of their fans will have grown out of that style so they are doing the pledge thing, which is a pretty cool way for fans and artists to intereact, especially ones where you get your name in the credits and a signed copy and stuff. some have packages where you can meet and greet and go to soundchecks
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