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no, not at all, never. you see the first person you meet will like one thing and dislike another, and the second person you meet with like and dislike other things, and so on and so forth. even at a gig talking to people there to see a band, you will find a vast variety of styles, and same with at a club. you might be a fan of an artist or style of music you think is embarrassing and don't know anyone else who likes it, but if you don't tell anyone, you are going to struggle to find other people who like it too. it's only music, so even if you like something extreme it's nothing like being a member of the KKK or something like that. most people like a varied choice of music, albeit mostly in a rock and pop genre, so few people will only like say thrash metal and nothing else at all, they may like classic rock too, or kate bush (who surprised me by being mentioned in kerrang often). if you are a crazy hardcore fanatic of a particular artist or group it's perhaps best to be a bit discrete and not tell everyone who's been to every barry manilow concert and have all the bootlegs and a special outfit, but no reason to avoid saying you like him. most well known artists will have thousands or millions of fans, so you won't be alone
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