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It's not a company-wide policy, though. I already gave one example of helpful HMV staff in this thread. Another example, from a different store: I was away from home and had forgotten my lead to listen to my iPhone in the car. Went into HMV in Worcester and asked if they had a lead that would fit without having to take the phone out of its case. The staff member opened a packet, plugged the lead into a speaker system and tested that it played my phone correctly - all for a very cheap sale.
Oh of course, like I said in a previous post, there are occasions when you're served by a staff member who is lovely and does go the extra mile to help you out and I don't want to tar them all with the same brush. Unfortunately in my experience (emphasis on 'in my experience) with HMV this is the exception rather than the norm. Apologies if anyone working for HMV reads my posts and isn't rude!
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