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Macklemore is amazing, you should check out Same Love, Wings and Thrift Shop aswell as the rest of his "The Heist" album. Also check out Childish Gambino - Heartbeat.
I love Heartbeat!

Childish Gambino had a song a few years ago that I really liked. Really introspective and it was talking about the sorts of people that become popular/unpopular, and the reasons why. I never was able to find the song again, but I was surprised to hear such a specific and honest song.

Another Childish Gambino song I like at the moment is the Relations remix by Kenna. I can't pin-point what genre it is, sounds a bit like R&B, house, funk. But it's catchy as hell! I wish that song was more popular so I could hear it in clubs and parties.

Yeah, I think Macklemore is someone that would appeal to older people as well. Same Love even got played on Heart FM, and that station usually avoids rapping at all costs!
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