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Have checked out the Sound of.... polls over the last few years have no urge to check it out at all this year.Not into this 'supposed' new in thing - 'homogenised' solo singer / electro / R&B - which is heavy 'over represented' in this poll having read through the descriptions of the artists.Have such a negative attitude towards all these 'best new thing' poll now that I am finding it much harder to actually listen to any of it - which as a music fan l am slightly guilty of admitting.You should always give new music a try.Feel I know what they are going to sound like before I listen to it though.

This type of music seems to be a niche market thing to me - but there seems a push by the 'commercially interested' that all of us should like it.The yoof don't seem to be supporting this 'new in thing' either - seems to get more support from the 30 somethings more than anything.
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