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Not in the slightest and never have been. I've been pretty good at musical choices since I was about twelve, having bought maybe a few dodgy singles before that, so I could stand up and happily endorse anything I've bought from that time onwards. Of course my musical knowledge was limited then but from what I did know, I could sort out the wheat from the chaff. The trouble as a young person is that you tend to be too affected by image and presentation of artists (marketing) and what is supposed to be cool and this can keep you switched off from a lot of worthy stuff.

I'm actually proud of my taste in music and unfortunately the majority people I encounter seem to have a much more casual interest in music, coupled with fairly dubious taste. It's really refreshing to talk (offline) with people who share some of the same musical interest but mostly it seems to happen online nowadays. It just seems like you're less likely to find people who follow their own instincts rather than consuming what is pushed at them. I keep finding people who won't watch subtitled films or listen to music with lyrics in a language they don't speak, or even people who read anything. Often these are the same people who listen to the sort of pap that appals me.

I'm very opinionated about music and do not suffer garbage gladly which is why I don't write much on here at all and try to resist to comment on the dire stuff although some of the nonsense written and the trash that is being hugely over-discussed is hard to believe at times.

If an artist I like has released a poor record I will probably skip buying because there are too many other better things on my wants list. I can't stand the sort of 'zombified' fan of / apologist for certain artists that exist out there. When you lose objectivity and turn into an unpaid PR machine people need to stop listening to you. Also those who listen to only one genre. It isn't even possible to only enjoy one genre of music. It's totally self-imposed so you can fit yourself into some scene or project some image. I guess it's refreshing that young people don't tend to follow subcultures so much any more - punks, rockers, mods etc. because those tend to dictate parameters you are supposed to remain within.

There's nothing in my record collection that I'd be embarrassed for anyone to see or hear and I do find that the people I tend to get on better with are those who share some common ground musically. I will dismiss people who have crappy, mainstream music collections just as I would people who live for football or soap operas or their games console or clothes shopping.
I don't think you are just opiniated about music.
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