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Yes. I have loved Westlife since I was 12, (12 years :P), which is about as uncool as it gets! I never admit it to anyone except my family and my closest friends. When I was about 15, back in the days when I had posters etc, I went through a phase where I refused point blank to listen to them, I wouldn't buy tickets for their tour, I refused to have their CDs or posters in my bedroom etc. And then I realised it was just making me sad, because I like them, and if I like listening to them and if they give me happy memories, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. And fortunately my mum knew me well enough to have bought tickets for their tour anyway (as she was also a fan ).

I do have a lot of uncool music, I'd hate to think of someone looking at my iPod. But I have a lot of 'cooler' music too, I just like a lot of things.
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