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A little bit, yes. It's social suicide to listen to a female pop star, but I have a few songs from Rihanna, Nelly Furtado, etc. My music is honestly 97%+ by males, but whenever I get caught listening to a pop female I get it ripped out of me.

Also, another thing is that I don't like people to know I use Spotify. I always immediately get followed up with questions like "Why do you pay for this when you can get it for free?", and people think I'm an idiot. Paying for music (even if it's a 5 a month subscription), seems like pretty much the least cool thing you can do.
I get that when I tell people that I never pirate and only buy albums (never single songs). I just reply saying "A lot of the artists are not well known or independent and they make great music while connecting with their fans and deserve my support".
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