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I was in a shop similar to this recently, I can't remember the name but "That's Entertainment" rings a bell... Anyway, I much prefer shopping in there to HMV. It's exactly as you say, at such low prices it doesn't matter if it's second hand or not. I'd rather buy a second hand dvd at a much lower price than pay at least twice as much for basically just plastic packaging. If it works, of course.

EDIT- just looked it up. That's Entertainment has lots of stores in the UK, I'm surprised there aren't more as it is a fantastic idea for saving money and selling your own old dvds etc. They're also still doing free delivery if you order online which makes it more favourable than Amazon too!
I discovered the shop when I was in Blackpool and went on a spree thinking it was the only store and I wouldn't get bargains like that again on CDs and DVDs that I wanted (That sounds quite sad when I read it back ) but I was pleasantly surprised to find via their website that they had stores all over the UK and also an online store .

A shop like that is perfect for me because I have an old music taste for my age and like discovering "new" music from the 80s and 90s, so it allows me to do that without having to pay 10 for each CD or illegally downloading those otherwise hard to find ones.
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