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Kylie never truly got the recognition she deserved but she has always defied her critics and bounced back. Kylie has had a remarkable career and to be still scoring hits shows what she has achieved was no flash in the pan.

Like everyone else in the business Kylie has a lot of people to thank but would all these people have worked with her is they didnt believe she had the talent or work ethic??i certainly think not.

Kylie has played a massive part in her own success, her down to earth personality has always done her good, but on the other hand she has wrote many many of her own album tracks, has had alot of input into her career and is extremely sharpe in terms of reinventing herself.

The Kylie/ Madonna comparisons always come about but i think many people now have worn off that argument and pit Kylie and Madonna together against acts like Rihanna. I would argue Rihanna has a lot less input in her career than Kylie but at the same time it works for Rihanna and she has made one hell of a career out of it. Bottom line is what works for one does not for another and each artists gain their fame in different ways, those who hold long terms success like Kylie can only be applauded. I for one think Kylie is a true survivor and is a huge part of our pop culture.
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