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After years of insisting I would never get one, I've relented (after having a go on the other halfs and quite enjoying it) and have decided on the Kobo Glo.

I really didnt want to be restricted to Amazon, and the Glo is cheaper + I can borrow books from my local library directly onto it.
Kobo Touch, just under 30 in WH Smith there are so many places you can get the books from, free and paid for.

i would not go for a kindle, tied to much to Amazon.
I would point out that anyone who shares the 'fear' of being tied to Amazon that you aren't really any more tied than using a Kobo or most other ereaders. Using calibre you can make ePub bookks work on the Kindle then you just sideload them like you do any book not bought from the devices prefered store so its only really the library lending you lose out on.

If you aren't wanting to have to sideload then You are also more likely to pay more to stay away from Amaazon as most of the time their books are at worst the same price but often cheaper so depending on how many books you will be buying the cheaper hardware prices may be misleading if you plan to stay in the devices Eco system
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