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After years of insisting I would never get one, I've relented (after having a go on the other halfs and quite enjoying it) and have decided on the Kobo Glo.

I really didnt want to be restricted to Amazon, and the Glo is cheaper + I can borrow books from my local library directly onto it.
I got a old kobo wi-fi, which is ok, but it is starting to play up a bit, the button started getting less responsive, also some books would not display as they should.That is why I got the Kobo touch, it was also a good price. i did have a quick look at the glo, looks good, but a bit pricey.

I did not really want to be tied into Amazon either, i don't think we can borrow ebooks from our Library, saying that the way our council is cutting costs, it may not be there for much longer.

I do like the the kobo and would recommend it to other people and when the time comes for me to get another reader, it will be another kobo.
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