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I know calibre can convert epub to AZW/KF8 for kindle, but it is just another step that I don't want to do.
But if you aren't buying from the devices default store its not really any more hassle as Calibre will convert and sideload it with a couple of clicks

Being locked into the amazon system was not the only reason to go for the kobo. i go for the underdogs, the smaller companies if I can, that is why I always have AMD based computers, ok i know AMD is not small by any means, but Intel is massive compared to them. The same with Kobo, how many people have heard of Kobo?
I take my e-reader to work to read at lunch and break times and people say oh a kindle, and when I say no a Kobo, I get back what is that then?
Another lad gets the same thing about his Nook and we sell the things at work.
Not saying that the Kobo is a poor bit of kit (its not) but its a bit of a strange stance to take in general. Surely it should be what gives the best bang for your buck not simply choosing the underdog. Anyone who buys AMD CPU's or Systems is just getting false economy these days as the CPU's are so underpowered compared to Intels that they really don't provide the value they used to. Its a shame because while Intels have always been better chips AMD's prices were such that you could get a level or two higher in the range than with Intel.

Another reason I got the Kobo or my original one, was because I thought it was better than the Kindle at the time, having seen and used a kindle and found I could not get on with the buttons on the side.
Perfectly valid reasoning. The Kobo is a good bit of kit and some people will prefer design aspects of the Kobo while others may prefer Amazon or Sony or Barnes & Nobels or another devices design.

If its a solely preference on the hardware/software then its all personal opinion and no-one is right but all too often it seems it comes down to fear mongering about being locked into 'Evil Amazon' while 'insert alternatives name' is all free and good (And I'm not saying you yourself have done this but it does seem to happen)

As for books, I can get what I want at the price I want to pay, loads of free books from different sites. I don't just get free books mind you.
Unless you are buying illegally though that usually means Public Domain works though. Pricing in the default stores is usually less at Amazon. The High street retailers (which means sideloading books) are a bit more competitive at times but can also have a smaller range. And Amazon will usually respond so when judging overall cost its something that really needs to be considered. Just looking at the 3 New Release books on the front page of the Kobo store gives the following

The Night Guest
Kobo 9.99
Amazon 6.99

Dark Bites
Kobo 6.99
Amazon 4.68

The Verdict
Kobo 8.49
Amazon 5.69
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