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You however are missing my point. Whatever route you go you either have to use the default store (if the device has one) to purchase/get your books directly to the device OR you are have to sideload it from your computer so you are in the exact same boat.

And the problem with most of the other ebook stores is how reliable are they in the long term. Look at the issue people had with Digital Music where you had all the competing devices and stores tied to these devices that. I bought music from a few different sources back in the day but the only ones I can still download are the iTunes ones (And even though I have all the source files still for the others they won't play as the licencing servers no longer exist)

So its fine if you make sure you backup all your books and ensure there are no DRM restrictions on them so if say the Kobo store shuts down you can still access your purchases (Kobo store is perhaps one of the best placed ones outside Amazon as its fairly well established but not sure its yet at a point where it makes enough ebook sales or its hardware profits are high enough for it to be totally secure. The high street retailers I wouldn't trust based on their history with digital music)

The likelihood of Amazon shutting down is alot less (Although I still take a backup of all my purchased books and make sure they have their DRM removed as I got burnt with Digital Music)
The likely hood of kobo shutting down is pretty slim as well. there are larger companies than Amazon that have gone under and if they annoy customers too much by changing things people will go elsewhere.

Epub is not KOBO format, it is a format by Adobe and is pretty well accepted, so DRM is not going tobe a issue even if Kobo did fail.

Amazon uses their own system and as poplar as Kindle is, a lot of other stores just don't offer ebooks in the kindle format

Waterstones, their e-books is in Epub format
Sainsburys ebooks are in Epub format.

No doubt there are others, but I have not really looked into it.

sites that offer free books and just because they are free, don't mean they are rubbish, most of them are in epub.

But if you aren't buying from the devices default store its not really any more hassle as Calibre will convert and sideload it with a couple of clicks
But I am buying from the default store, not sure where you got the idea from I am not.
I have grabbed some free books from other sources, but I normally stick them onto a SD card, try doing that with a kindle. sure there is more than enough space on the device itself, but the SD card slot is still useful,, i can stick a bus time table on there when I go visiting. i have not done it with the touch, but I done it with the old kobo.

Not saying that the Kobo is a poor bit of kit (its not) but its a bit of a strange stance to take in general. Surely it should be what gives the best bang for your buck not simply choosing the underdog. Anyone who buys AMD CPU's or Systems is just getting false economy these days as the CPU's are so underpowered compared to Intels that they really don't provide the value they used to. Its a shame because while Intels have always been better chips AMD's prices were such that you could get a level or two higher in the range than with Intel.
KOBO is a great bit of kit, the screen is clear and the touch at least is pretty fast, granted my old KOBO was a bit.

As for AMD processors, they do what I want to do and more, I prefer AMD and have done more or less since I came into the wolrd fo the PC from my amaiga, apart from the first PC, which was a cyrix. apart from my laptop I have never had a Intel machine and I am not starting now. If you think AMD chips are underpowered, then think again, they certainly are not.

Perfectly valid reasoning. The Kobo is a good bit of kit and some people will prefer design aspects of the Kobo while others may prefer Amazon or Sony or Barnes & Nobels or another devices design.
It is a bloody good bit of kit. I did look at the Nook before I got the Kobo touch as we sell them at work, someone got one at work, but it did not appeal to me.

If its a solely preference on the hardware/software then its all personal opinion and no-one is right but all too often it seems it comes down to fear mongering about being locked into 'Evil Amazon' while 'insert alternatives name' is all free and good (And I'm not saying you yourself have done this but it does seem to happen)
I do think Amazon have got too big and like google they are trying to get their feet into everything and trying to link it all together. look at Lovefilm, at the moment I am still using it for a couple of disks a month, everytime I log into the site they want me to link it with my Amazon account. Something I don't want to do, after all I joined Lovefilm as lovefilm, not Amazon. Ok that is not 100% true, I joined lovefilm as Sainsburys DVD rental, but Sainsburys dumped it and Lovefilm took over my account, because it was run by lovefims anyway

but that is not the reason I did not get the Kindle, i just did not think it was the right reader for me and i did not want to be stuck with a non-standard format that only one company supports.

It is like the days when digital audio players had their own system, until MP3 became the norm, apart from Apple which still uses their own format.

Unless you are buying illegally though that usually means Public Domain works though. Pricing in the default stores is usually less at Amazon. The High street retailers (which means sideloading books) are a bit more competitive at times but can also have a smaller range. And Amazon will usually respond so when judging overall cost its something that really needs to be considered. Just looking at the 3 New Release books on the front page of the Kobo store gives the following

The Night Guest
Kobo 9.99
Amazon 6.99

Dark Bites
Kobo 6.99
Amazon 4.68

The Verdict
Kobo 8.49
Amazon 5.69
I don't buy new books to be honest, books I buy are normally a few years old and I only buy when they come down in price.

The difference in pricing is pretty minimal and no doubt I could go on both sites and find some books cheaper on Kobo than Amazon. I have no idea why you seem intent on making out that the Kindle is the better reader and you seem to not like people having other readers.
I got friends/mates who got kindles, Kobos, Nook and one got a sony. some even use tablets, but that is not for me, i prefer e-ink for reading, at the end of the day they buy what they think is best.

I like my kobo and I certainly prefer it to the Kindle, but it don't mean the kindle is crap, it just means it is not for me.
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