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All of these free public domain books can also be obtained in mobi format just as easily as they can be in ePub format.
Not all, there are some that are not in Mobi format. a site a lad goes to at work don't use mobi. no idea what site it is mind you.

Also you speak about the kindle format like it is some kind of obscure format, but it's not really like that. Other companies apart from Amazon do sell it, although not as many as ePub.
But it is a format that one company got control over. Just like MS office and their formats or apple with their format for music.

However amazon are not an obscure company at all. They are the most popular (sales) eink device and ebook vendor, not just in the UK but also in other countries.
Maybe so, but how many other companies have they stepped on to be where they are? Ok a lot of larger companies have done the same thing. also what about the tax they don't pay?

Just because they are popular, it don't mean that we all got to use it. that is what is good about choice, even if some people, governments, and companies don't want us to have it.

Also if you buy from another store which is not kobo (if you have a kobo) or not B &N (nook) you need to use adobe Digital editions and your computer to get books onto your device. To me that's just as time consuming as converting books in calibre.
I have never said it was not time consuming, it is just another choice. I have only used Digital editions once, I used Calibre a couple of times to convert two books from Mobi as my old Kobo could not read them.

People talk about this great advantage of using the ePub format due to its openness but I just don't see it myself. The first ereader I owned was a Sony PRS-300 and I still own a nook simple touch now. I don't really see the advantages of having all those other stores to buy from when most of the time they are more expensive than amazon or at best the same price. Some of them like waterstones are considerably more expensive.
Depends what you want at the end of the day, you got to remember that some of these companies are not huge like Amazon, they can't stamp their feet if they don't get what they want like amazon do.
If a publishers refuses to lower thier price for Amazon, then could lose out big time, because of the size of amazon, but Kobo is far smaller, they don't have the amount of people buying, so they are not going to lose so much.

Amazon are very good at price matching too. If on the rare occasion I find that a book is cheaper on another site, within a few hours amazon have usually price matched it. Amazon are still cheaper overall for me and before agency pricing came into play the difference in prices was been greater
As i said above, that is because of it size, but a lot of publishers will not cut much of a eboook. I must admit, when I started to buy ebooks, I thought the prices would be lower because there is no physical book, so the cost is not there. But greed comes in and some books are the same price as a ebook as a physical book. Mainly from the publishers I may add, not the authors.
Just like downloading a MP3 Album from Amazon can be more expensive than buying the Cd.

I find it much more convenient to simply visit the kindle store on my kindle and buy the books that I want. Than to trawl around a ton of ePub stores, find the book that I want and then have to turn on my laptop and connect the device up and run adobe digital editions.
I find it more convenient to visit the Kobo shop as well, either via the Kobo or via the computer. Computer is easier to browse. I don't need the computer to buy books. If I do buy from the kobo store using my computer, then my Kobo will sync and download the book via wi-fi.

but I have got the choice if I see something I like elsewhere to get it.

Kobo is still growing, but it have grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years, it is good, we got a choice.
People get very protective about their kindle, I have no idea why, just like people with Iphones. You do know that amazon did not produce the first e-reader? Technology have made the e-reader cheaper, slimmer, better screen quality and better battery life.

You not employed by Amazon are you and a plant here to try and get people to buy Kindles? that was a joke by the way, but it is a thing that companies like Amazon would do. I think Amazon now have better competition and it is a good thing.

I don't care what other people use to be honest, i will say what I think of a product and if they want to use it then that is up to them, I do have a joke with some mates who got Iphones, but it is their money and they can spend it as they wish.

Like in the days of Amaigas and the Atari St, I got a a Amiga and a mate of mine got the Atari, we used to take the mick out of each other for our choice. But he knew that the Amiga was a better machine. He told me that a few years later.

this have been going on for years, betamax v VHS, MP3 v any other format, blue-ray v HD DVD.

Sorry, I went on a bit there, Waiting for the time to go, so i can get to work and back again
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