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you be shocked how many think so, just like people think that Apple invented MP3 players or smart phones.

Sure Apple did produce the first decent smart phone and because of Apple we are now where we are with smart phones. Saying that someone else would have come out with the idea.

Not sure about MP3 players to be hones, i suppose Apple did make them more popular
It happens in most industries, it doesn't matter being first its important being first to get it right. The ereaders before simply didn't get every part of the hardware, software, ease of use and the store integration right where Amazon did.

It was the same with Apple with both the smartphone and the MP3 player. There were plenty of both before but apple just got the complete package right.

And its easy to say afterwards that someone else would have done it as everything done with these products is so simple but I'm not sure tbh. Other had plenty of time to come up with the ideas that made these and other products successful and they didn't. Seems simple ideas are the hardest to come up with.

Is it possible to amazon in a bad light? since they have done that themselves.
What because like most companies they choose to pay less tax? You do realise mostnof the other firms in the market do that. Rakuten who own Kobo also own who reveled in using Jerseys tax situation and when the loophole was fixed pulled out as a retailer.

I prefer my Kobo and i still think it is a better product than the kindle, yes I do agree that some books are more expensive, I had a look after reading some of the messages on this thread, My hitchhickers guide to the galaxy was slightly cheaper on the kindle, but to be honest I rather pay a bit more to kobo than pay amazon for ever more for books.

I thought amazon was a good company, useful and used to use it a lot, but over the last 12 months or so I have used it less and now buy most of my Cd's elsewhere. I even tend to look in other places for other products now, I only use amazon if I really have to.
Slightly cheaper. Its almost 10 cheaper which is about 45%.
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