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It's great that there are a range of different readers on the market so we can all get the one that we want

There is one thing I like about the kobo devices, the ability to display the cover of the book that you're reading on the lock screen. I wish that the kindle had that.
Not that important to be honest, but nice.
I just find the Kobo is nicer to hold and don't have those silly flipper switches that Kindle have. ok with touch screen now, Kindlle may have got rid of them.

I'll probably end up getting the aura HD at some point. I'm holding out for Amazon to make their own luxury reader, but I might just have to go for the HD one of these days.
I will stay with what I got now unless it goes wrong, no sense in spending more money on another reader.

I think that amazon will eventually push their subscription service more, they got it in with prime at the moment, and they do try and push prime a lot. So watch out that they don't change the system and get rid of the buying of individual books.
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