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It have taken others a bit of time to catch up, but they have now, the problem with Amazon is that once they got your info, they seem intent in spamming you. I have tried loads of time to stop them sending me emails.
I do get emails from Kobo, but only about books, not about other parts of their businses
I bet the reason why amazon wants me to combine my Lovefilm account with them is so they can send me more spam.

Also, when I did ask kobo to stop sending me their emails they did,

But it would have happened eventually, maybe something better would have come, who can say that Apple Iphone mucked up the smart phone market and we could have something better/

Not just the Tax, but seems to change their rules when they see fit, also getting too large and powerful.

I don't know where you are looking them, because going by that, if I got the book from Amazon, they would be paying me if it is 45% cheaper than Kobo.

I think that you are a amazon plant in this forum or you work for them
You've really fallen off the wagon there, the person has been a member for a decade or more...plant for Amazon? I'd laugh if the statement was in fact not such a sad one.
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