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As I've already said I'm pretty sure they want to combine your Amazon and Lovefilm accounts because they don't want to have to be running two separate authentication systems. Its just wasteful of resources. Its also imho a move to get ready for the day that Lovefilm closes shop, the rental market is shrinking so there will be a point where they get out of it and goto a streaming only service. When that happens there is little point in keeping the lovefilm name when they can bring it in line with and make it part of Prime

If it was the case of not wanting to run two authentication systems, then why are they not forcing it? I do get reminded about it when I log in, but it is not forced onto me and from the email I got, it is not going to be. Saying that I suppose at some point when enough have changed their account to Amazon, they will force it on us.

They may lose a fair few customers if they make it streaming only, I know many people who still have DVD/Blue-rays from lovefilm and don't use streaming even if it is in their package. I don't even have streaming in my package. I did have a tiral of their streaming a couple of years back, but i was not that impressed with it, certainly not a patch on netflix.

I am getting pretty close to closing lovefilm account anyway, i only keep it for documentaries,
Oh and you can turn the emails off or configure them to suit your needs. It in your Amazon account settings

They are off, but they still send me stuff. Still at least they stopped sending me stuff though the post to try and get other people to join.

I'm not sure it would have anytime soon. The existing players in the market were stuck in a rut really and it needed an outsider with strong leadership to come in with a fresh eye and see the simple things that were right under the others noses to revolutionise the market. I'm not sure there were (or are) many other companies in the position to have stepped in and without Apple I'm not sure Google would have even considered it a possible marketplace for themselves (And MS would still be toiling with porting a version of windows to phones rather than an operation solely designed for mobiles)
I suppose we will never know, but I remember MS attempts at phones, do i just, I got a old HTC phone, the one with a sliding out keyboard, I can't remember the model number, anyway I got it via Bt and it was so slow and cumbersome.

But what company doesn't change their rules when it suits them. Every licence agreement you agree to to use a service grants that right. And again the likes of Kobo aren't some small indie firm, they are an arm of a major multi national congealment.

Its why I find this anti Amazon stance due to them being 'big' strange as it doesn't tally with the rest of your comments
kobo is not as large as Amazon and they don't seem to link Kobo with Play, which is a surprise I must admit.

Kobo 21.59

Amazon 12.06

Amazons RRP is less than Kobo's actual price
ah well, I did not buy the five, I got one book.

What because I'm pointing out the faults in your 'Amazon is big, evil and restrictive' while 'Kobo is small, good and open' argument?
It was a joke, we all got out opinions.

I will stick with Kobo, you can stick with your amazon.

I prefer the Kobo e-reader anyway than the kindle, so that is all that matters at the end of the day.
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