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Isn't ePub a free and open standard?
There are a lot of Free and Open standards that have to be paid to use commercially as Free when it comes to software licences comes in a number of levels. I would be highly surprised if a licence isn't technically needed to include an ePub encoder in commercial software or a decoder in, certainly if your shipping more than a certain number of units which its pretty safe to say Amazon would be over pretty much any figure chosen.

They may be one of the rare cases where the charge but as someone who works around the software development field I just can't see a standard that so many large commercial entities use not charging something for it.

However even if it was free Amazon would have to be paying Adobe if they wanted their devices to be compatible with other stores and their books to be compatible with other devices. After all Apple use the ePub format for iBooks but their books can only be used in iBooks and iBooks can't read DRM ePub from elsewhere
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