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If it was the case of not wanting to run two authentication systems, then why are they not forcing it? I do get reminded about it when I log in, but it is not forced onto me and from the email I got, it is not going to be. Saying that I suppose at some point when enough have changed their account to Amazon, they will force it on us.

They may lose a fair few customers if they make it streaming only, I know many people who still have DVD/Blue-rays from lovefilm and don't use streaming even if it is in their package. I don't even have streaming in my package. I did have a tiral of their streaming a couple of years back, but i was not that impressed with it, certainly not a patch on netflix.

I am getting pretty close to closing lovefilm account anyway, i only keep it for documentaries,
As you said when they have a certain number who have made the swicth they will force it.

And they won't make it streaming only right now but physical rentals are falling and they are clearly getting ready for when its no longer financially viable. They have already started that with the removal of prepaid accounts which allows them to pull the service with a months notice and the price increase seems to have been an attempt to keep that part profitable for them for a bit longer as at this point there will still be people on prepaid accounts (mine runs out next month for example)

They are off, but they still send me stuff. Still at least they stopped sending me stuff though the post to try and get other people to join.
If they are all off you should only be getting items you are subscribed to. I believe there's somewhere to manage these in the account settings

kobo is not as large as Amazon and they don't seem to link Kobo with Play, which is a surprise I must admit.
Maybe not but with their revenue figures Ratuken aren't some minor company that your supporting.

ah well, I did not buy the five, I got one book.
Even the single books are the same. 4.91 on Kobo and 2.99 on Amazon. It actually seems none of the ePub stores are really willing to be competitive on price as the pricing is generally fairly standard across them and that consistently. Which is a shame as in many ways the trick people into buying the devices with their cheaper priced hardware and then gauge them on content. Its not like many of the ePub sellers don't have Amazons buying power so it seems more greed.

And again I've said all through the thread that the Kobo is a decent bit of hardware, if that was solely your argument for having one then that would be fine. I've only had an issue with your additional reasons you have put forward
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