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I received my first Hudl a couple of days ago., I never had a tablet before, just a laptop. Using up all my vouchers for the double amount. Being a Techno phobe, I read up on the Tesco guide and You Tube. I am getting more used to it.

A few things I am wondering if I am doing wrong. I have installed the Free AVG. It has a warning if the battery goes down to 30%. I find if it goes down to 50% or a little lower, sometimes it's slows up, or difficult to shut down. I then fully recharge it. Tesco said do not charge all the time, which I don't.

I have never left it idle, yet on the performance it says 50% batter used being idle. The WiFi about a third of that. Once charged up again to 100%, it seems to work O.K. Puzzeled about the high amount for leaving it idle, whic I don't. I always switch off,after using.

I only have a couple of free games which each take about 7%. I haven't used the camera yet, or downloading videos orwatched films on it.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

AVG have something called a Task Killer. So any Apps not in use I swipe off, to save on battery.
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