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Apparently in the mail. He was smoking so much pot on the plane which was searched the pilots had to wear masks.
Well it's all great PR if he wants to appeal to an edgier, older (maybe even more male) audience and leave his original fanbase in the dust.

The irony has always been that you'll have a longer shelf life these days if you're a pot-smoking, rule-breaking badass who's in trouble every five minutes than a sweet, wholesome cherub who twangs a guitar.

Someone's worked it out. And honestly, it's paying off for Bieber. He's morphing into someone who can be as bad as he wants and his dumbass fanbase excuse it, and also get a whole new 'street cred' reputation as a harder-edged artist. Have you noticed nobody's called him 'a girl' in some time now.

I think the whole world is insane though, tbh. Most of these stars and their people are insane. But it sells...
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