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I was lucky enough to be at the second show in Camden on Wednesday night - have seen him a few times before, but Wednesday was just incredible. Seeing Price front a band like that, in a small venue like that so close up was just outrageous. Had to queue for three hours, but completely worth it.

If anyone is even thinking about trying to catch one of these shows, do it. I know his music has been a bit patchy for a long, long time (although there is still some great stuff lurking in there), everything you have ever read about how incredible he is live is 100% true.

Were you there on Wednesday Unique? Do you think there's anything more to the annual Glastonbury rumours this year? Have been to every Glastonbury since 2002, but can't go this year. He's talked about playing bigger venues as he goes, so that would be quite cool - starting at Lianne's flat and working all the way up to the Pyramid Stage in June!
With regards to Glastonbury, this is what he said earlier this week:

I asked him about Glastonbury and he has heard of it. "Do you want me to play there tomorrow?" he joked before insisting he was "concentrating on these shows in London, I don't know what's happening after". To which I asked "That's not a no though?", to which he said, "No!"

Could be him just playing though, depending which way it is taken, was "no", "to that is not a no though?" or was it a no to playing Glastonbury. I know about the lawyers as well, but that was said before he answered the above.
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