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yeah i was at both shows on wednesday night. and seeing as his lawyers sent cease and desist letters to media saying he would be playing glastonbury again, because he was sick of people profiting from his name being used to sell tickets, the chances of him playing glastonbury are zero to none. every year it's the same old rumour and he is sick of it
the current gigs are just for feb, and as for big gigs as it's a hit and run tour, so little to no notice of a show, the biggest gigs are going to be something more like 4,000 capacity. theatres rather than arenas
I hadn't heard about those letters. I did read something about him being asked, and not denying it - maybe that fuelled the rumours. Am I right in thinking its always been a money thine with Glastonbury? He does seem to play shows at every price point - from these shows, to the Las Vegas shows he did.

I'm just glad I was lucky to be in London on Wednesday night, and to have gotten to see at least one of these shows, as I think they're all going to be pretty special.
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