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I hadn't heard about those letters. I did read something about him being asked, and not denying it - maybe that fuelled the rumours. Am I right in thinking its always been a money thine with Glastonbury? He does seem to play shows at every price point - from these shows, to the Las Vegas shows he did.

I'm just glad I was lucky to be in London on Wednesday night, and to have gotten to see at least one of these shows, as I think they're all going to be pretty special.
He was asked this week, when he was in the house of Lianne La Havas, reading it though, not sure which way he meant it, you can read it on the link below and see what you think.

As far as I know the lawyers thing has been going on a while, and is nothing new, the latest answer is much newer and from Prince himself.

With regards to Prince and Glastonbury, not sure if it is all about the money as such, I am sure another main reason was the fact it was televised by the BBC, but after the Rolling Stones performance last year, he might be able to have a bit of control on that, so it may not be a stumbling block as it used to be. I am sure Unique would be able to answer it better, and I could be totally wrong.

Personally if he wants to promote 3rd eye girl as much as possible to a wider audience, then I think Glastonbury would be a good move for him.
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