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OK -

My wife used to work for an airline and has met a lot of famous people. She met David and Victoria Beckham and says they were both very polite and courteous. She also met Tom Jones and says the same about him. She has met dozens of famous people as a matter of fact so I might ask her about some more. She met the singer from Hot Chocolate and said he was very nice as well. Can't think of any others (there were lots) because this was many years ago now. Because of the nature of her job she often met these people more than once so she can make a good judgement of them.

She says Cilla Black was (surprise surprise, if you excuse the pun) "bad tempered". She sent a lackey up to her for some reason and when that didn't work out she went up herself and was whinging about something. She got seat 1A and 1C for the lackey.

Stephen Gately was all right, she says.

Ronan Keating and his wife wanted business class but there was only one seat there. He was nice about it and gave it to his wife and then he sat in economy.

Alistair Campbell - was nice, apparently. Same thing happened to him that happened to Keating and he was very decent about it.

I have met a couple of Hollywood actors and they were both polite and respectful, and I also spent some time with various members of Radiohead. The drummer Phil and bassist Coz were always very polite and good fun, the rhythm guitarist Ed I didn't spend much time with but he seemed less talkative and a little distracted on the one time I met him.

The lead guitarist Jonny was aloof and unnecessarily rude to me, but I think he has a rather high opinion of himself, and the singer Thom, who once pretentiously styled himself "Thomas E. Yorke" back when he sang in an American accent and who is the only one approaching "famous" was also rather rude and dismissive of people - and this was before he was famous, I should add. I met him several times in the early days. He used to strut around Oxford with dyed hair and aviator shades and a Look-At-Me face. When he was filming one of his early videos he didn't engage with anyone like the other guys, but just spent time by himself. I'm told he has mellowed but he was unnecessarily rude to me all those years ago, on more than one occasion, and ridiculed me and my group of friends to our faces for no reason, but then on that occasion he had been drinking. I used to live one street away from him and often saw him stomping up and down the street in a long black coat with his headphones on. If you're reading this Thom, that's the "house that Creep built".

I saw Brett Anderson of Suede on the Piccadilly Line once, not to talk to sadly as I hear he's quite pleasant and polite (I knew the cousin of the keyboard player) and I was a fan at the time so I missed out there. I could tell a story about something someone in Radiohead said to me about Suede once, but I'll keep it to myself. It doesn't reflect badly on Suede at all, by the way.

I met Jon Snow, the journalist, once in a small talk he gave to a limited group of people. He said something about George W. Bush that also raised an eyebrow or two but I'll also keep that to myself as well because I was a little surprised he said it.

I met Prince Charles & Camilla but not to talk to. I was present in a line once when they were doing a grip and grin. They could have just gone straight into the building but they spent half an an hour talking to people in the line. It was a thirty second walk to the building so they were really engaging with people. They seemed polite and good-humoured but they were at work, so to speak. I did notice that Charles's jacket was frayed, which surprised me.

Just remembered my wife also met Richard Briers and said he was nice but he was quite old at the time.

I know someone who is very honest and totally reliable and he has met Dan Cruikshank, who he says was really nice, and also Adam Hart-Davis, who he says was obnoxious. I know someone else who met Prince Andrew and says he was serious but charming.

There must be others but I can't recall them frankly.
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