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With regards to Glastonbury, this is what he said earlier this week:

I asked him about Glastonbury and he has heard of it. "Do you want me to play there tomorrow?" he joked before insisting he was "concentrating on these shows in London, I don't know what's happening after". To which I asked "That's not a no though?", to which he said, "No!"

Could be him just playing though, depending which way it is taken, was "no", "to that is not a no though?" or was it a no to playing Glastonbury. I know about the lawyers as well, but that was said before he answered the above.
what prince says, what he does, and what he means are 4 different things

he doesn't do interviews often, and in the light of the recent bad publicity he seems to be trying to turn things around and it's certainly working. i think he likes to keep people guessing, and that's why a straight answer isn't usually given

I hadn't heard about those letters. I did read something about him being asked, and not denying it - maybe that fuelled the rumours. Am I right in thinking its always been a money thine with Glastonbury? He does seem to play shows at every price point - from these shows, to the Las Vegas shows he did.

I'm just glad I was lucky to be in London on Wednesday night, and to have gotten to see at least one of these shows, as I think they're all going to be pretty special.
i understand glasto have wanted to have him for a long time, as for reasons why prince won't do it, well as you never get a straight answer it's hard to say. the reasons may change over time. certainly with glasto the artists aren't paid much as there are so many costs and artists to play, so many acts play for publicity and record sales increase as a result. a while back prince realised that the real money was to be made from live performances as opposed to record sales, prior to the more recent view from artists as a result of piracy destroying sales. he has a reputation as a great live performer and as a result can gain a large audience, meaning his fees are considerable. his style of management means that he also retains the lions share of proceeds instead of paying large percentages to agents and managers. if he was to play someone for a reduced fee it could potentially cause issues relating to future fees. he was paid $4m to headline coachella when sales were bad. why should he play glastonbury for a tiny percentage of that when he could play another show elsewhere and get paid more? that seems to be his view on things based on historical evidence.

so why play these gigs and charge 10? well who knows. but he used to regularly play at his studio with a tiny cover charge, and still does from time to time, so he can play for enjoyment and give the band experience. with a regular publicity tour you may go around doing tv show after tv show for 5 minutes performance coverage on a single channel, and not getting paid to play and eating up time. instead he could put on some gigs for fans, promote unusually (altho not unusually for prince) and get loads of publicity for free instead. if the gigs were sold in advance and done in the normal way he may not have got all the news coverage this week.

also, he hasn't played the uk since 2011 and played europe a few times since, so this seems to be making up for missed opportunities before, and his manager lives in london and it's somewhere where he can easily pull off such a thing

He was asked this week, when he was in the house of Lianne La Havas, reading it though, not sure which way he meant it, you can read it on the link below and see what you think.

As far as I know the lawyers thing has been going on a while, and is nothing new, the latest answer is much newer and from Prince himself.

With regards to Prince and Glastonbury, not sure if it is all about the money as such, I am sure another main reason was the fact it was televised by the BBC, but after the Rolling Stones performance last year, he might be able to have a bit of control on that, so it may not be a stumbling block as it used to be. I am sure Unique would be able to answer it better, and I could be totally wrong.

Personally if he wants to promote 3rd eye girl as much as possible to a wider audience, then I think Glastonbury would be a good move for him.
the lawyers letters regarding glastonbury is a new thing. he's not done that before. he finally got sick of the unfounded rumours every year so did this instead. those who posted the news had to remove it and print a retraction

regards to tv rights, coachella normally broadcasts performances but didn't broadcast princes, so he could do the same with glastonbury, so that doesn't seem to be one of the reasons. the 3eG band isn't perhaps the most suited to headline glastonbury tho. it's a small band playing tight rock based music on a small stage, with many tracks that casual fans wouldn't know. whereas adding backing singers, keyboards and horns and playing the hits would be more appropriate to glastonbury. he's not going to play glasto and not headline the main stage

You could be right - with Prince a lot of stuff that can seem like being about money, is really about artistic control.

You know what would be incredible though? Prince and 3rd eye girl in the John Peel tent.

Anyway - if you get so much as a half chance to see him in London, try your best. It will be interesting to see if there's any pattern at all to these shows, e.g. if he'll always look likely to be playing a second night at a particular venue like he did Tuesday / Wednesday.

If I thought there was a fair chance of something like that, I'd be tempted to make the three hour journey down to London to them again.
if you try and look at prince stuff in patterns you will find he always does something to throw you off. such as at the o2 putting out an online notice on a friday saying he won't probably play aftershows if there is a main show the next day, with a saturday show the day after that notice. then he played an aftershow on the friday the notice went out. which fooled me entirely. fortunately i found out in time from a close crew member that he was playing so didn't miss my regular front row spot at the aftershow

btw what happened on wednesday was not planned in the way it happened. originally it was to be one gig there and an aftershow elsewhere, but with so many people outside the first venue he played 2 shows there instead and didn't turn up at the other venue who had thrown out 300 people to let prince play

so now there are 20 days till the end of the month, time is running out, you have to take your chances whilst you can. get down to london, get somewhere to stay and camp it out till you hear the word and run to the venue asap and you won't be dissapointed
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