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My friend Richard comes from Sheffield and says Oakey is to be frequently seen walking his dog and Suzanne is a gym bunny who is happy to work out among the other people at the gym. There's nothing arrogant or unpleasant about the band and Joanne doesn't seem bothered that she has porked out a lot since the eighties.
They come across that way sometimes in interviews - they were quite rudely dismissive about my two favourite bands and I don't forgive that easily However there's not liking the same bands as me and possible being a bit jealous that they acheived the level of stardom that the HL used to have and then there's being decent people when not being interviewed. If people who have actually met them think they're ok then that has to the overiding opinion especially as someone who is overweight myself I can't hate someone who is cool with having 'porked' out .
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