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watch that video dissapear quickly.

what was amazing was last nights show. 2 and a half hours for a tenner. in addition to the rock we got a fantastic piano solo section which was miles better than any he did in previous tours, fuller versions of songs, hits and fan faves. how come u don't call me anymore on the piano without the band onstage, the beautiful ones, do me baby, diamonds and pearls, etc. i think it's the longest piano solo set he's ever performed in public, including small gigs.

so many people are saying it's the best gig they ever went to in their lives, and some going so far as to saying they may never experience anything like it again. it was like turning the clock way way back to the classic 80s aftershows, the ones that people keep talking about nearly 30 years later.

oh and george clinton was in the audience too, and was spotted getting a kebab afterwards in his white suit. that suit was so bright it was like god was sitting in the balcony.

if you are a fan and you missed camden and last night, you will kick yourself if you miss the next show.
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