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I was lucky enough to see the second show on Wednesday in Camden - just happened to be in London for a meeting that day, so booked a late room and hotfooted it over.

I was surprised to see a few new-ish videos, but I thought they were on 3rd eye girl's YT? Could have been wrong.

Can you not say things like "piano solo section" and "full versions of songs" in the same sentence?

Wednesday was incredible enough with pretty much full versions of When Doves Cry and Sign O The Times.

I have started chipping away at my wife, joking about having to go over again/

Talking of next show - is it tonight?

Even if you have some inside info you couldn't possibly share, could you give any clues as to where to best keep a look out for announcements? e.g. Dr Funkenberry? Or what's her name, his manager's twitter?

Its a shame a lot of people can't get to them, but it really does make them a bit more special for people who do. The last minute buzz, the great people in the queues, the 10 tickets, the incredible sets just add up to make them incredible.
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