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The old thread seems to have been deleted, but has anyone else seen these YouTube videos? They start off as a parody of the Uncle Dolan videos, but then went off into their own thing entirely filled with lots of in-jokes and insults. It's actually quite funny in places and very smartly written by a young man called David Alexander. There are 19 episodes in the first series, and also some parody music videos. Then the show was promoted to the myISH channel where 6 new episodes were made especially for them, and today a brand new, final series is being released back on the original channel to tie it all up.

Here are some links to some of the key episodes, and some of the funniest stuff. If you are a fan of weird comedy, and pop divas being total bitches to each other, take a look!

Series 1 Episode 1 -

I Am Yuo Ledear (parody music video) -

The Borbz (parody music video) -

Bayonse's Quens of Flop Episode 1 -
Bayonse's Quens of Flop Episode 2 -

Series 1 Episode 1 -
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