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It's funny, what the OP has written is true, Kylie is currently the only act, or least female act, to have a top five hit in four different decades yet the thread has taken a U-turn for six pages due to certain individuals turning it what is more or less a chance to bash Kylie. What's funny is that the posts that are trying to downplay Kylie's on-going success seem to be made by Madonna fans. God forbid if Kylie actually achieves something before Madonna does! How dare Kylie score a top three hit this decade before Madonna! It reminds me of when a few Madonna fans got a tad too defensive in 2010 when Kylie became the first female artist to have a #1 album in four different decades. What I find especially rich is a certain individual on here (a Madonna fan no less) commented many times in the Lady Gaga Artpop thread that her "Little Monsters" have spent years downplaying the success of other singers, including Madonna, yet the very same individual is on here downplaying Kylie's success and frankly making nonsense up to belittle her. I'm sure you can guess who it is.

A lot of Madonna fans are the original "Little Monsters". They are highly defensive, they like to pretend Madonna was the first to everything, and they love to call every other singer a flop when compared to her. Every fan base has its fair share of nut jobs but Madonna's fan base is one of the worst. Anyone else remember the mock "Confessions of a Cancer Patient" CD cover that a Madonna fan designed and other fans passed around on forums thinking it was funny to make a joke of Kylie's cancer battle? That's wasn't the only joke and comment made by Madonna fans in regards to Kylie's breast cancer diagnosis. For people to actually sink so low as to wish death on someone just because you don't like their music is sick, the real disturbing thing is that it was probably grown adults doing it. Unless you've forgotten, Madonna was actually one of the few pop stars who issued a statement after the news of Kylie's cancer battle broke. The "Grandonna" nickname doesn't seem so bad in retrospect.

Kylie has sold over 10 million singles in the UK alone, making her the third biggest selling singles act for a female and the 12th biggest selling singles act overall. Haters can hate all they want but it won't change anything.

Anyway, I just signed up to write this.
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