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I'm sure you can guess who it is.
i think i have a fair idea who you are eluding too marge.

they like to pretend Madonna was the first to everything,
i don't see a lot of that written on here personally. what i have seen continually posted though by a certainly kylie fan is the same essay on why madonna is far from original. it was an interesting alternative viewpoint when i first read it, but it did wear a bit thin when the same essay was posted under a string of various aliases here, when it surfaced on other forums, then it was used to write a string of scathing madonna reviews on amazon and most recently, it was reposted on the daily mail comments section.

Anyone else remember the mock "Confessions of a Cancer Patient" CD cover that a Madonna fan designed and other fans passed around on forums thinking it was funny to make a joke of Kylie's cancer battle?
i don't remember that actually, but i agree it was a vile tasteless thing for people to post. it just goes to show, like you say, no fan base is beyond reproach.

Anyway, I just signed up to write this.
that is your prerogative, but it does seem rather sad that you would base your two posts thus far on your continued discontentment with madonna fans and insisting on singling one fan out in particular.

this should be a happy time for kylie fans with her new album being released, so why dwell on a thread that have been inactive for almost a month and let past negatives consume you on what should a positive time?
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