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Originally Posted by Hit Em Up Style;71339309[B
]I don't know why this is still a fan vs fan discussion. The topic was about Kylie. Not to throw mud at different fan groups[/b].

I'm more concerned at the Madonna hater who using hundreds of IDs across various sites such as the Daily Mail, Amazon etc just to post hate upon hate on Madonna. He goes on to all Madonna related items on Amazon and posts long essay long reviews on how terrible she is. That is disturbing, not natural and very unhealthy. Its a deep obsession with just posting hate. Very strange. Now he has rolled up on the Daily Mail site posting yet again essay long rants that make no sense as it all seems to have been a paste and post job! lol I did hear a rumour Madonna's team were considering tracking him down. Lets hope they do...

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't take it too seriously.

Well yes, I've posted on here about Madonna but only because somebody made the claim that Kylie has always been more successful and popular in the UK than her. Now I'm not interested in fan wars at all but I believe that if something is factually incorrect then it should be corrected and I don't see the big deal about that.

That's all.
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