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The entire Kylie, Madonna argument is totally unnessary especially as both artists have well established music careers and both artists have proved their longevity. Worldwide Madonna is the biggest female artist of all time. She is also the most successful female artist in the UK for a number of reasons including album, single and tour sales. This in no way diminishes Kylie's accomplishments and she is just as successful in her own rights. Fans brandishing sales figures of this album and that single and who had a hit in what era or what year is completely irrelevant. The fact is Kylie so far is the only female artist to have top 5 singles in 4 decades and well done to her. People could brandish 100 more achievements that Madonna has had followed by someone biting back Kylie has done these 100 things.
Im a huge Kylie and Madonna fan and have complete collections of both artists and attended every tour they have completed. Madonna yes the most successful in the UK overall statistically but that doest mean she is less popular or liked. They have both had ups and downs Madonna has most probably had the most consistent career of being at the top most probably because she was with the same record label throughout the majority of her career. Kylie has had a few more ups and downs for various reasons which has been hugely impacted by her record label choices and releases. Kylie in the majority of her career played it very safe sticking to euro pop catchy tunes both major times she deviated she suffered a media backlash and unfortunately her record companies on both occasions panicked. Lets get to it, Impossible Princess and X were most probably her most experimental albums with Impossible Princess really being the only one that completely deviated from the Kylie formula the other two played safer by having the usual pop filler tracks. Yet Impossible Princess is most probably the best album musically. Kylie also had a huge boost to her career following her battle with cancer as it was so well publicised and fans as well as casual buyers supported her return to the music scene and rightly so. The shame of it is that both artists have huge respect for each other and actually neither are a threat to each others careers or fan bases. Its just a shame that stupid fans start quoting stupid sales and statistics to try and make there icon better when actually all they are doing is trying to convince themselves. Musically both of them are currently suffering the backlash of ageism and thankfully both of them are sticking their fingers up and getting on with their own careers. And thats exactly what the fans should do does it really matter now to Kylie or Madonna what their sales are they will both have huge Touring careers on back catalogue alone the opening tunes to Holiday or I should be so lucky always get the biggest reaction at their concerts regardless of how the last single sold or achieved in the charts. Lets be honest selling digital music makes no revenue for the artist nowadays the money comes from sponsorship and tours and neither Kylie or Madonna will ever be short of either of those.
Fans should be celebrating the successes of both artists and the leave the bashing for the younger Gaga, Perry and Rihanna fans and we can wait to see if any of them can sell a concert in 15 years time let alone have Sold Out Tours 30 years on.
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